1. Results Day!

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    Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well, looks like the summer is over, the weather’s terrible… BUT The big day is almost here, there’s going to be lots of emotions flying around on 15th, good luck to everyone, I’m sure you’ll all do well! This week I’m going to tell...
  2. Accommodation

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    Hi guys, hope you’re all enjoying your summers! As you’ve probably guessed from the title, I want to talk about accommodation with you, but first I need some help. We’ve recently got a baby rabbit but have no name for her! So if you’ve got any interesting names, send them...
  3. Cardiff!

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    Hi guys, hope you’re all well and enjoying this great weather we’re having. I thought this week i’d tell you a bit about Cardiff with a bit of a twist. Picking the right town/city is just as important as choosing your University. You’ll be studying away from home for three...
  4. Summer?

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    Well I think summer is finally here! I don’t know about you guys but its pretty hot here in Wales, how long will it last? Hopefully for a while! It’s looking like we’ll have plenty of sun for another week, so you better be out making the most of this....

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