Name: Jacob Roberts
Course: BSc Hons Media Technology
Campus: Cardiff
Year: 3rd
Hometown: Swindon
Future Career Aspirations: Camera Operator / Studio Technician
Likes: Sports, Drinking, Films, and Cooking
Dislikes: Hummus, War Films, Mess.
Favourite Quote: Fail to plan, plan to fail

About Me

Hi guys, I’m Jacob, As I’m writing this I’m still 19 but if you’re reading this after July 2013 I’m 20! I’m never really good at saying things about me so I’ll keep this short. I left school with a real love for Media but assumed I would take the IT route. During college I realised I really wanted to study Media further. When looking for Universities, I spent most of my time looking for Media Production courses, turned up to the open day to find the course lecture had been moved and that I had missed it. I met a lecturer who convinced me that Media Technology was the course for me and here I am, going into my third year.

5 unusual things you didn’t know about me

  1. I used to swim 8 times a week
  2. I have a massive fear of spiders
  3. My favourite actor is Jim Carey
  4. I always complete assignments at least two days prior to the deadline
  5. I’ve never watched all of the Lion King because I cried as a kid when Mufassa died. This is all I know about it

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